Anyone who has struggled in a traditional workplace has probably dreamed of self-made success in the business world. People with disabilities have it more challenging than most, often encountering struggles before even being hired. The job hunt can be daunting when you’ve met with rejection or a blatant lack of acknowledgment in the past. However, there are a number of inspiring precedents of strong-willed disabled business owners building their own success.

For young adults with disabilities who are looking to start a career, there are many paths in business that are worth pursuing.


Consider Consulting

There is a demand in many industries for specialized business experts who are capable of acting as consultants. Industry analysis from IBISWorld shows that the management consulting market has seen consistent growth year by year since 2011.

A solid education is the first step for individuals interested in building their own consulting business. Matching your talents and interests to the course you choose to take is important. For example, an expert who has earned a degree in IT could leverage their data analytics or cybersecurity expertise to successfully start a premium consulting service. The same could be said of students in finance, engineering, or any of these other top consulting business majors:

  • Economics
  • Computer science
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Political science
  • Psychology

Earning an online degree is a terrific way to boost your skills and doesn’t require as much time and travel as a traditional degree. This means you’ll be able to keep up with your current job while you learn.


Initiate Internships

When getting started in business, job applicants may come across a situation in which the competition has the same college degree. In such cases, it’s important to stand out by way of prior experience. Building skills and connections during an internship while completing an education can make a huge difference when breaking into the workforce. College Info Geek notes that the key to getting an internship is knowing the right places to look. Many cities host career fairs, and students can visit departments on their own college campuses to search for opportunities.


Engage With Entry-Level Jobs

Finding an entry-level job in your field is easier said than done, even for those who don’t face the day-to-day difficulties of a chronic disability. When deciding on a career path to embark on, disabled individuals would do well to consider some of the top jobs for candidates with disabilities. It’s worth remembering that choosing an entry-level job does not set one’s career path in stone. Ambitious employees and prospective entrepreneurs can seek success in any field, and any prior job experience can only be a boon.


Cultivate Career Growth

The importance of nurturing one’s own career growth can not be overstated. Regardless of current job positions, adults with disabilities can strive toward further success by cultivating certain job skills. Ultimately, certain business-minded individuals may break from the mold and start their own operations. Anyone with disabilities can take advantage of various resources to expand their business by studying:

  • Financial literature
  • Existing outreach networks
  • Established business plans
  • Proven marketing strategies


Don’t Neglect Self-Care

There’s a lot that goes into the job search, from preparing and planning to the actual hunt for that ideal job. It’s important to practice self-care during the process, as your mental and physical wellbeing is a huge factor when it comes to success. The first step is making sure your home is free of undue stress and anxiety so you can relax or focus when needed. A few simple actions like decluttering, cleaning, and organizing can pay big dividends. Also bring in a little Mother Nature with some houseplants and nature artwork or photos.

The business world can be a harsh landscape to navigate, especially for young adults contending with the limitations of their own disabilities. Fortunately, many established avenues to success are accessible to just about anyone. With a positive mindset, ambition, and the cleverness to use the resources at one’s disposal, a career in business is not out of reach. For those who know where to look, many business-related industries have doors that people of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds can pass through.

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