Are you a teacher planning to change your career from education to tech? Are you passionate about the tech industry and want to make a career transition to tech? Or you may have some other reason to move to the IT industry. Irrespective of the reason, you can transition from education to IT; and this would be the ideal time. Why? Because post-pandemic, this is the moment when the highest number of recruitments are taking place in the IT industry and it is predicted that in the coming years, there will be a huge demand for skilled IT workers. 

A career change can be intimidating, but don’t worry. We got your back. Read on to find out about the best IT-related fields for you to transition from teaching. 


QA Automation

Put simply, a QA engineer or a quality automation engineer is someone who designs automated tests to validate the functionality of web and mobile applications. The job responsibilities include a mix of creating the initial test designs, writing the scripts, installing the automation testing protocols, and finally reporting the test results. 

A QA engineer earns an average salary of $108,000. 

Sprint Schools has a 4-month intensive Bootcamp on QA automation that will prepare you to become job-ready. With the help of the QA automation Bootcamp, you can become a QA Engineer, QA Tester, Quality Assurance Lead, SDET Engineer, or Software Tester. 



A combination of Software developers and operations, DevOps is a set of tools, practices, and philosophies that help to automate and integrate the processes between software development and IT teams.

As a DevOps engineer, you can earn an average salary of $126,000 annually. 

Sprint Schools offers an intensive, online DevOps Bootcamp that can help you to acquire the skills needed to get a job in this field. You can become a DevOps Engineer, DevOps Manager, Platform Engineer, Reliability Engineer, or Release Manager. 


Cyber Security

There is a high demand for Cyber security jobs in 2022 and according to the New York Times, industry reports predict that in the coming years, there will millions of unfilled job positions. Clearly, it means that there is a dearth of skilled professionals in the field of Cyber Security. 

Cyber Security is a very interesting field in the world of IT. One of the top job roles in Cyber Security is that of a Cybersecurity Engineer, a professional who designs and implements security solutions especially to defend against hackers, cyberattacks, and other threats. They continuously test and monitor systems, to ensure that all of the defenses are updated and working properly against threats.

The average cyber security engineer’s salary in the USA is $125,000 per year. 

Sprint Schools also offers a Bootcamp on Cybersecurity, which is for 4 months. Like all the other Bootcamps, it is online, flexible, and led by high-quality instructors. 



Salesforce is a very in-demand IT field in 2022. The two most common jobs in the world of Salesforce are Salesforce Administrator and Salesforce Developer. 

 As a Salesforce administrator, you will help an organization to use the various functionalities that Salesforce has developed and resolve real-time problems of users. You will interact directly with stakeholders to define their requirements, customize the platform, and allow users to take full advantage of it. A Salesforce Developer on the other hand is responsible for all types of standard Salesforce development and its customization, including coding, building applications, unit testing, and modifying existing applications.

The average salary of a Salesforce Developer is $115,000, whereas the average salary of a Salesforce Admin is $90,000.

Sprint Schools has recently launched a Bootcamp on Salesforce. With the help of this Bootcamp, you can become a Salesforce Administrator, Salesforce Developer, or a Salesforce Analyst. 

Thus, these were the top 4 IT fields that are in demand and looking for skilled professionals. Check out the Sprint Schools website for further details on the above-mentioned fields and get ready to grind and start a new career soon.

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