Are you planning to enroll yourself in a Salesforce Admin Bootcamp but thinking twice about whether you will earn a decent salary in the future? Is the thought of how much you’ll be earning preventing you from transitioning into a career as a Salesforce admin? It is natural to be concerned about the prospects of a new career, and its salary before deciding to leap at a career change. 

Read on to know how much you can earn as a Salesforce admin in 2022. As a bonus, you will also get to know the average salaries of Salesforce admins city-wise.

Over the last few years, Salesforce has taken every industry by storm; and quite naturally the demand for Salesforce admins or developers has grown tremendously. The average salary of a Salesforce admin is a hot topic of discussion these days. On average, as a Salesforce admin in 2022, you can earn a salary of $90,000 annually, or $46.15 per hour. 

As an Entry-level Salesforce Admin, you can expect to start at $72,000 per year, whereas, as an experienced Salesforce Admin, you can make up to $145,000 per year and more.

According to the latest US data, the average salary of a Salesforce admin is $ 91,000 per year and the average entry-level salary of a Salesforce admin is $79,000 per year. 

Do keep in mind that these numbers vary depending upon a few factors and below are the 4 factors on which your Salesforce admin salary might depend:

  • Experience: Like all professions, your salary will depend upon your seniority. The more your responsibilities and experience are, the higher your salary will be. 
  • Certification: Completing courses and earning a certificate is a great way to increase your knowledge and get a salary hike.
  • Location: Again, just like most jobs, your salary will depend on your location due to the difference in the cost of living. Thus, if you live in a more expensive city, you will get a higher salary and vice versa. 
  • Generalist or Specialist: As a generalist, that is, you have an overall understanding of Salesforce, you will get less salary than someone skilled in a couple of specific Salesforce platforms. 

Out of all these factors, the factor that affects the salary the most is the location. To give you a better idea, let’s look at the average salaries of Salesforce Admins in 2022 based on their locations (according to 

  • Alabama: $125,000
  • Minnesota: $102,500
  • New Jersey: $102,400
  • Washington D.C: $101,000
  • Massachusetts: $100,000
  • Georgia: $100,000
  • Texas: $100,000
  • California: $100,000
  • Kansas: $99,400
  • Pennsylvania: $97,500
  • North Carolina: $95,000
  • Connecticut: $92,500
  • Indiana: $90,000
  • Virginia: $90,000
  • Arizona: $90,000
  • New York: $90,000
  • Florida: $87,500
  • Tennessee: $85,000
  • Nebraska: $81,400
  • Illinios: $80,000 

You see, the salary that you will earn as a Salesforce Admin will depend on various factors. But given the current demand and future forecast for Salesforce admins, be assured that you will end up getting a high-paying salary. And one great way to increase your salary would be enrolling yourself in a good course or a Bootcamp. Check up the Salesforce Bootcamp by Sprint Schools. It is online, flexible, easy on the pocket, led by high-quality instructors, and the best part is Sprint Schools will make you job-ready. So, check it out today and enroll yourself to land a high-paying Salesforce Admin job. 

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