Are you feeling unfulfilled in your current career path? Switching to the field of information technology might be the right choice for you. A career in IT opens you up to lots of exciting jobs, and chances are, you’ll be compensated very highly for your work. No matter which field you’re working in, Sprint QA can provide you with an easy path to the IT world through their boot camp programs! Here’s why working in IT can be a great decision for young people and how you can gain a foothold in this growing field.

Why Work in IT?

Even if you’re unsatisfied with your current field, you may be wondering why you should consider working in the IT sector. Simply put, there is no shortage of jobs in this field, and most IT positions come with substantial salaries and benefits packages. TechRepublic states that you’ll also get up to speed on the latest technology in your specific industry before the general public, which keeps you on the cutting edge! When you work in IT, the sky’s the limit – your career can go in all sorts of directions once you break into this dynamic field.

Potential Career Paths

People with IT skills are needed for businesses in all sorts of niches, from healthcare to education to logistics to software development. But what type of job could you expect to hold if you became an IT professional? You might end up working as a tech support specialist, product manager, data scientist, artificial intelligence architect, or quality assurance engineer!

Transferable Skills

You might assume that you haven’t cultivated any skills that would be relevant for an IT career – but chances are, you’ve developed more transferable skills than you realize. If you’ve ever worked in a project management or customer service role, you’ve already started picking up on some of the skills you would need for an IT role! Furthermore, the Global Institute of Technology states that any experience in leadership roles can be helpful, in addition to strong problem-solving skills.

Earning the Right Credentials

You know that you have some soft skills that will serve you well in the IT field – but you’ll need to deepen your technical skill set before you can become a strong candidate for jobs in this industry. How can you learn the ropes before applying for open positions?

First, it’s a good idea to enroll in a tech boot camp specifically designed to teach people who are newcomers to the IT field. To deepen your knowledge, you could also pursue a degree in a subject like information technology, computer science, global security, or software engineering. Once you’ve completed a boot camp or degree program, you may want to earn a few additional credentials. However, the right credentials for you will depend on your specific career goals.

Update Your Resume

Once you’ve earned the qualifications you need to land a job in IT, you’ll want to update your resume. Remember, hiring managers will want to talk about the accomplishments and credentials on your resume during interviews, so make sure to include any tech-related projects or certifications you’ve completed. To completely overhaul your resume and make it look professional, you can download a free resume template. Start by browsing a library of resume templates designed by job hunting experts, download the layout you like best, and then add your work history and photo.

If you’ve always been interested in technology, a career in IT might be calling your name. Even if you don’t have any professional experience in tech, there’s always time to make a change! By furthering your education, emphasizing your transferable skills, and keeping your resume relevant, you can land a fantastic job in IT.

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